Sunday Worship, November 27, 2022 (Today's recommended book links included as well as a recording of the new Advent song)


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From the Mountains to the Metropolis

Good Morning First Baptist!

Our team, after being ready for helicopter pick up at 7:30 am (their time) all finally arrived in the capital city at 2:00 pm (their time). You may remember from former trips the phrase, "Nepal, the land of many tomorrows." Our team was beginning to wonder just how many tomorrows they would experience before the second helicopter, which included Eric and Rick, would deliver them to Kathmandu.  




{Photo: Rick}


Inside shot of the helicopter. It seems our pastor has honed his "selfie skills" on this adventure. 

Eventually everyone was together again in Kathmandu having experienced a massive change in scenery. Their morning view looked like this...


and by afternoon they were experiencing this...


The guys were happy to have showers, and clean clothes, and other amenities, not readily available in their tent community. Tents and equipment have been cleaned and packed and the team is nearly ready to begin their journey home. First, however, there will be some sightseeing and eating in the city.

Some of our team are beginning to experience respiratory issues which are a common risk when in  Nepal. Please keep the health of our men in your prayers as you go about your day. They've a long way yet to travel and the trip is a challenge for a perfectly healthy person. 

Other requests for today:

  • TEAM HEALTH (we are planning on praying for this every time we eat today, join us?)
  • Sweet fellowship among team and with hosts
  • Deep, restoring rest at mission house tonight
  • Lasting fruit from the work that has been accomplished



Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

~Psalm 90:14

We love you church family!!