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A bit of a different teaching style...


Our team has had a very blessed Sunday!  They are doing well, and have finished their teachings for today.  Gretchen tells me that they were surprised at how many ladies came for their ladies conference, and that it seemed to go well. 


She and Darlene were both able to teach, and the ladies met with them afterward for prayer. 


While teaching, all of the following involved themselves in the lessons: cows (see background of above photo!), goats, children, and winds enough to blow away the tarp under which the ladies were seated!  Thankfully, nobody was injured, and lessons continued.


The village in which our team is staying is very mountainous--all terraces and very steep paths. 


"It was something to teach about the valley from Psalm 23 while standing here!"  (referencing the above photo)


"If you look closely ^, you can see the 'kitchen' out of which our meals are being prepared."  They had goat for lunch today!  Gretchen tells me that only one member of the team did not partake.  And, for those not so fond of goat or other Nepali cuisine, our team's poptart stash abounds. :) 


These ^ are the hosts with whom our team is working.  Please pray that they all would be encouraged as a result of their time together. 

A few more photos from today:





(Darrin and Jeremiah ^ filling their wives' water bottles as they prepared to begin teaching.)

Thank you so very much for praying.  Your prayers are precious and very much appreciated.  You are doing mighty work for His kingdom.  Keep it up, FBC!

Please pray specifically today:

-that our team would sleep well (It was a long day of teaching, and most of them did not rest well last night.)

-for the final day of teaching tomorrow

-that the Nepali leaders and wives would go home encouraged, energized, and ready to keep proclaiming the gospel throughout Nepal

-that the leaders and wives who are struggling and hurt would find joy, hope, and strength in Jesus

-that the hosts (B&K) would be encouraged as a result of this time with our team

-for the families of our team

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all families of the nations shall worship before you.  Psalm 22:27