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Nearing Nepal...

Good morning First Baptist family~


Our team is nearing Nepal after nearly two full days of travel. Our prayers have been effective and God has been faithful as their travels have been very smooth and trouble free. They left the parking lot yesterday morning at 4 am and flew from Pittsburg to Philiadelphia and then boarded a large plane for a 12 hour flight to Qatar. The plane was not at all crowded and what could have been an uncomfortably crowded 12 hour existence was instead, "not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be."  





{Pictures taken as they boarded flight to Qatar}

As we went to sleep last night our team was preparing to board the last plane to their destination. This morning, they are about 90 minutes from landing in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. When they land it will be 7:30 pm Tuesday evening in Nepal. After gathering their bags and supplies they will spend the night in a hotel and wake up very early the next morning and take a helicopter up into the village. The helicopter transportation will take place at about 7 pm Wheeling time, this evening. 

Darrin sent a few texts last night during the layover in Qatar. "We are surrounded by desert and the roads [in Qatar] are very nice." The guys also "had such a fun time reading the notes [which were placed in the offering plates on Sunday morning] they were really good! Someone put $20 in their note and told us to buy coffee." 

One of his messages included prayer needs for the next two days:

  • Easy entrance into the country.
  • Sleep (especially as they adjust to the  10 hour time difference)
  • Safe transport via the helicopter into the village

Please join us in prayer for our team as they finish travel and begin to encourage and teach as they they are called to do. Pray that God would give them the great gift of joy in their work. 

The support given these men (and their families) thus far in this journey has been deeply felt and appreciated.

"I really felt the prayers. Things have been so smooth so far."

Let's keep up the work of sending here at home so our team and begin their work. 

Let's make much of HIM!

{Check back tomorrow for more updates.}