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News from the Land of "Many Tomorrows"

Happy Weekend FBC Family,

Our team is finishing their final, but very full, day of teaching in the village as we greet the weekend. Two days of teaching needed to be combined into one due to bus schedules and the oil shortage in Nepal.

We are on Nepali time where they say there are "many tomorrows." They are not in a big hurry about anything. We were supposed to start this morning at 8:00 but didn't start until 8:45...Nepali time.

That the schedule, made months before in a conference room halfway accross the world, had only to be minimally adjusted for the consequences of the oil shortage is reason enough for praise. 

But we've more reasons to praise than that. We are praising for prayers uttered and answered. We are praising for prayers faithful and felt. We are praising for the provision for the big ticket concerns and for the provision of the smallest of details. We are praising for lessons delivered and lessons received, for teachers who have learned and for students who have taught. We are praising for the faithful at home who have led the saints in community prayer and for saints abroad who have done likewise on our behalf.

A note from the field:

God has been good to us. The interpreter told me tonight how much the teaching on parents and children will help the pastors and their families.

They laughed some during the teaching on husbands too. The women really appreciated that. You could tell by their body language and the looks on their faces. It was just a great day.


With a few days left in camp, our team remains challenged by the leeches and the cold temperatures at night. The shower situation is a unique three sided configuration with the fourth wall being provided by the mountains in the distance. The mountain view from the shower is amazing, if a bit drafty.

What I miss most right now is hot water.

Not your wife!? {grin}

About the weather:

You experience a little of everything. It gets nice, then warm, then windy then cold...The coldest is at night and the first hour or two we are up. The daytime isn't bad. I've been colder, it's just different sleeping.

About the surroundings:

[We] heard a witch doctor in a neighboring village do his ceremony last night.

          Question: Is the neighboring village that close?

You can hear the sound through the valley below us.

           Wow. A whole different world.

You just wouldn't believe it.

About prayers from home:

Thank you! Big day today.

Prayer focus for today:

  1. Health of team as they remain in the high altitude. 
  2. Safety as the students return to their homes and places of service.
  3. For the 82 year old convert* to connect to the church and other believers.
  4. For the body in the village to be strengthened and encouraged.
  5. Protection and warmth while the team sleeps.
  6. For the team to get rest. "We are all pretty tired."

Let's continue this weekend to make much of Him here just as they are there...

The service was incredible. They danced, sang, cried, raised hands...incredible.

*Best part...[during] service focused on forgiveness, this 82 year old man walking down the road stopped at the tent [and] sat down and listened, and after [service] told two of the [local leaders] he wanted to be a believer.