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On the Ground

The texts from the Nepali village started coming in last night as Community group dinners were taking place here in Wheeling and surrounding areas. At first there was no news to be had on the helicpoter situation since  there had been no additional communication from the helicopter company. 

When I first heard from Darrin the team was breaking camp but only partially because there was a real chance they would need to sleep there an additional night. The helicopter(s) were not expected until around 10 am in Nepal. 


At about 8:30 am however:

It was when we heard the chopper. Missionary hollared at us, "They [helicopter co]  didn't call us, they didn't call us! Wheeling Team's taking the first one out! Get your stuff!"

We were throwing stuff in bags like crazy :)

The adventure continued:

Made it on the coptor...answered prayer, instead of two coptors, we got three, all stuff going with us!

But then...

Just got kicked back off the coptor, going on next one...

(Darrin's words in grey...wife's words in green ;-)


It made for a bit of suspense for sure. Darrin and Luke really weren't alone however, he'd been kidding me. Still left waiting on the mountain were Darrin, Luke, the other missionary, the song leader and another team helper and a little bit of gear. Darrin had gotten pulled from the first trip by the helicopter captain so that one of the missionarys would be on the ground in Kathmandu with the first group. . .

Here's how it worked to get the whole team back to Kathmandu...

Rick, Jeremiah, and missionary B, and all our gear on the first one. Me [Darrin], Luke, translator, and some gear on the second [helicopter]. Missionary K and everyone else on third one. 

Finally, just before midnight (our time) I received a text saying that they were all on the ground in Kathmandu. 

A simple THANK YOU for all of the prayers seems a small gesture. Know that the prayers of the saints availed so much. What a mighty God we serve! 

Prayer needs for today:

  1. For our team to be a light in the city of Kathmandu while they are there.
  2. That our team would be a blessing and an encouragement to the missionaries during this last day with them.
  3. Solid sleep tonight as the team prepares for an extremely long trek home.
  4. Smooth travel connections. (In Qatar there is a short time to make a connection and the team will have to go through two levels of security in that time.)
  5. Safety all the way HOME.


"Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little since I do them with your power; and the little things as though they were great since I do them in your name." ~Blaise Pascal