Sunday Worship, November 27, 2022 (Today's recommended book links included as well as a recording of the new Advent song)


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Our Work is Still Ahead of Us

Dear Family,

Our team's fifteen hour flight from Abu Dhabi was on the biggest, nicest plane they've traveled in on any mission to Nepal yet. Thank you for your prayers for their comfort. They had some room to spread out and were able to watch the election results as they flew toward home. What extravagant luxury for tired hearts, souls, and minds! Our men are soon to land and begin a long layover before leaving for Pittsburgh later this afternoon. 

While we await their arrival, I'd like to say thank you.  

You sent our men to answer a call which God placed in their hearts.

Then you helped to get them ready to go.


You met together to pray and you prayed fervently.

You encouraged them.  

You were excited and attentive to the task which was as much your task as theirs.


You took them to the airport, cheerfully, in the middle of the night.

You tuned in and you prayed some more for big needs and for smaller ones.

You supported them while they were in the field by supporting well, the families they left here at home:

You checked on us by text, in person, by email, and on the phone.

You prayed for us, and then prayed some more for big things and for little ones.


You showed up on Sunday and worshipped with us and taught our children and taught us.

You wrote us letters of encouragement.


You fed us dinners.

You packed our lunches. 


You treated us to coffee and ice cream.

You brought us flowers.


You invited us over.

You loved us well. 

You loved them well.

...because you love HIM well.

As your pastor's wife, honestly, I'm not terribly surprised by your work over these last few days.  First Baptist family, loving well is what you do. It's what you've been doing for years. I've come to count on your support and love and frequently brag about you to anyone who will listen. You are good to us and we are blessed as a result. I simply cannot imagine living this ministry life without your support and care and love. 

With all of that in mind, I'll share with you an important prayer need in Nepal which Darrin sent near the end of their time in the village:

"...I don't know why I didn't mention this yesterday, [pray] that the pastor's wives would be encouraged and be able to help and support their husbands. Many of the wives came to training this time very discouraged, and were so happy to be around each other."


These ladies have not enjoyed the abundant blessings that I have as they have supported their men in their young ministries. We can send them our team for a short time, which was helpful, I'm sure, but we can pray for these dear ones long term which will be the difference. Let us love them well in the only way we can from this great distance on land. We can bring them close to our hearts by praying for them. Please pray for loving partnerships with their husbands as they do the hands-on work of ministry, for sweet fellowship with their church families, for opportunities to gather with other ministry wives for encouragement and edification, for them to feel the warm affection and approval of their Father as they walk in their callings day after day. 

Thank you for your faithfulness, your eagerness to impact the Kingdom, your steadfastness on behalf of your missionaries, and for continuing to let His love shine brightly through you. 

With love and gratitude,

Gretchen along with Tiffany, Amanda, Patty, Mark and Ildi

"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!"

~Psalm 30: 11-12