Livestream Sunday, March 26, 2023


Partner With Us As We Support Nepal

[Note: Amanda Cummins is a member of the Missions Ministry at FBC Wheeling. Along with her husband Matt, Amanda journey to Nepal last February to serve children working in a brick factory.
Today, she shares some reflections from their trip along with a way our church is aiming to help support the relief efforts going on in Nepal after the major earthquake on April 25.]


It was the way the sun was back-lighting the clouds that stirred my heart, as I stood on the steps this morning, waking up to Wheeling. It appeared to me that a dramatic wave of white, jagged, low-lying clouds resembled the Himalayas, which I had only seen at eye-level from some 30,000+ feet in the air. Showcasing themselves through the clouds and unfathomably dynamic, we flew past them just a few months ago and I could not help but remember that nature declares the glory of God, it’s maker.

Today the Wheeling cloud “peaks” flirt with the clear morning sky, seeming to disappear into the light, mimicking the mystery of the great mountains. To pause in thought and dwell on the vastness represented in the real mountains invokes a solemn contemplation about the grandeur of God.

My God. You hold all power. You terrify me. You confuse me. You are a jealous God. You will not share your glory or give it to another.

This is Nepal: A Land of Paradox

These thoughts about God’s sovereign power follow a violent earthquake and a series of after-shocks that rocked the home of the Himalayas on April 25. Thanks to CNN, I have a fairly extensive proverbial flip-book in my own mind that I’ve been reviewing as I pray for the people of Nepal, a land of great paradox.

How could a place where nature seems to scream about God’s eternal power and divine nature, have access to millions of gods, but remain basically unreached regarding the One True God, with only 0.9% of the population professing Christianity?

This is Nepal:
A land rich in natural beauty
that seemingly declares the glory of God,
yet a place where darkness is almost palpable.


A land of gentle, humble people, where many spend their time in dedicated “high places” for temple worship to gods of all things. A strategic geographic land that bordering nations desire to possess, yet a place characterized by disorder and brokenness that encompasses everything from government to vocation to religion.

The night before we departed from Nepal, a heavy rain fell in Kathmandu. There was no thunder or lightning, just thirty minutes of massive amounts of loud, torrential rain accompanied by great gusts of wind. Even though we were on a covered balcony, we were not dry. It was so violently loud that I felt I needed to cover my ears. I was frightened.

In that moment, as my heart quickened, keenly aware of the power represented in that rain and wind, I thought about the return of Christ. Our God is not one to contend with injustice or delusions. He will not share his glory with another. In a land of false gods and burdensome me-centered religions, the One True God, the creator of majestic Mt. Everest, is present. The earth and everything in it is His.

Nepal belongs to the Lord and the Lord knows Nepal. His arm is not too short to save his people.


So Church, let me encourage you as you look to help this beautiful yet broken land, where the earthquake death toll climbs as I type and the people continue to shovel their livelihood into dumpsters. The physical destruction is massive, but I wonder if it’s merely a representation of the condition of the hearts of many who have been taken by the delusion of false gods, ultimately trapped in darkness.

Remember that the Lord will work salvation for those who fear him and he works all things to bring glory to his name.

A great shaking has occurred in that land, leveling temples and breaking alters made for other gods. I don’t believe this was merely tectonic plate shifting, for our God is sovereign over everything, even the depths of the earth.


Church, we have brothers and sisters in Nepal, believers who have been working and are continuing to work to reach their people for the sake of the salvation through Jesus Christ. There are missionaries on the ground who have given their life to this cause.

Nepal is close to the heart of God not because of an earthquake, but because there are lost souls there who have never heard the name of Jesus...souls who are sacrificing to idols...souls that are banking on reincarnation in the afterlife...souls who are seeking salvation through good works...souls that never have assurance of deliverance...souls buried under the rubble of religious lies.

Church, Nepal needs our prayerful help, our physical help, and our financial help.

The earthquake gives us an opportunity to manifest our Christian faith though acts of service. Cleaning up debris, offering financial support or bandaging wounds are all means to an end.

The reality is that we should go and we should give
because Jesus is coming again with much more power
than a 7.9 magnitude earthquake or a violent rainstorm.

We need to shine light into the darkness and proclaim His power in places that have not heard.

One day He’s going to split the skies with unimaginable power, and no eye will miss his grand entrance. On that day, all will be laid bare and all false gods will be realized for what they are-- nothing. Deception will disappear and we cannot begin to imagine the purity of seeing Jesus face to face. Our purpose will become brilliantly clear in that moment.

For now though, Church, our purpose is to point toward Jesus, ultimate salvation for those who believe.

We must be willing to work and trust that the One who calls us is faithful, and he will accomplish his purpose in Nepal and in all the earth. We have the distinct privilege of partnering with our brothers and sisters on the ground in Nepal to send support in the form of prayer, people, supplies, and money.

This Sunday, May 10, the Missions Ministry will receive a special offering to help support our partners in Nepal. 

The offering will go directly to relief efforts on the ground in Kathmandu via BMDMI. Ultimately all of our resources are his, so I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can most effectively partner and serve with the body of believers on the ground in Nepal, for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
according to his power that is at work within us,
to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

[If you are not able to be in attendance to give to this special missions offering on May 10 and would like to partner with us, you may participate by writing a check to First Baptist Church Wheeling with "Nepal Relief" in the Memo. Checks can be mailed to 1470 National Rd. Wheeling, WV 26003. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and support.]