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Rainy day!


Our team has finished their teaching, and is feeling very blessed!  Teaching was good, and very appreciated.  They spent much time teaching on the HS, and "the men went on and on about how much better they understand now."  "The [leaders] and their wives thanked us time and time again for coming the long way to share...with them."  Praise! 


From Gretchen: "The kids from the village keep visiting our 'complex' for chocolate, which is what they call all candy.  Happily, we are well supplied!!  The women and men are gathered in two different parts of this small village, and I could always tell when Darrin was near because I'd start to see all the children running around with DumDum suckers in their mouths." :)


She also says, "we are getting really good at climbing the hills (steep mountains!!!) on stony paths to get to the bathrooms, and to get to meals, and to teach."  Perhaps their guide, Indiana Nichols, is partially to credit for this success! ;)


The team slept well last night.  This ^ is a photo of their camp from an opposite hill top.  It is raining, and they are very thankful for good tents that do not leak!



Despite the rains, they have spent a cozy evening together drinking tea on a village porch.  They request that we pray for the rain to stop.  "It is very heavy, and seems to have settled in."  After sloshing back to their campsite in a downpour, the rain tapered to a sprinkle, and our team is drying off in their [still dry!] tents for now.  All of the rain is unusual for this time of year in Nepal.



They will be breaking camp early tomorrow morning, and heading back to Kathmandu.  This is the same rough road on which they had to walk during their trip in to the village.  Pray that the rain does not delay their 6 hour journey, and that the trip back might be a little easier than the trip in. 

More photos from today:


The mountains in the distance are the Himalayas.  This was the first morning that the fog lifted enough for them to be visible.  Incredible beauty!


The village school.


Children on their way home from school.


New neighbors moving in to the neighborhood with our team! :)


View from inside a dry tent.  Please pray that our team would rest well, and remain dry overnight.  Thank you greatly for your continued prayers!


Please pray today for:

-the rain to stop

-the team to be safe (there is lots of lightning, water, etc)

-a good night's rest tonight, and safe travels back to Kathmandu tomorrow

-the driver of their vehicle

-the hosts and leaders in Nepal who have been encouraged and taught by our team

-the families of our team who are eagerly looking forward to their return


Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!  Psalm 46:10