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Safe and Set Up

Just after midnight last night I received news that the helicopters had safely transported the team to the sight. Yay!!

I'm doing good, it's a clear morning, should be able to see the mountains on the [helicopter] flight, we will be camped at the base of a huge mountain. 

This morning they reported that they'd set up camp and that their students were arriving. Darrin texted:

Today has been an eventful day…My helicopter pilot was a trainee with the main pilot in the copter beside him. We have had leeches, I've seen a snake, ate chow mien in a Nepali hut, drunk Nepali tea, been rained on, had to shed layers because it got hot, and I am now wearing a toboggan (because it is so cold now). Camp is set up. Getting ready to build a fire.

Also he reports of the other team members:

They are good. [They] haven't slept much. Luke has not stoped smiling. Have gotten some good pictures....I took pictures of the place they have set up for us to teach. Basically the place we teach is stick posts wrapped in tarps. There is an interpreter and someone to lead music.

Keep up the good work of sending FBC family! Thanks for all of your support thus far. Darrin, again: 

I'm telling you, the prayers are huge and helpful. I can just feel them!

Today's prayer focus:

  1. For restoring sleep.
  2. Warmth while sleeping on ground in tents.
  3. For tomorrow's teaching. Will happen first thing in the morning there which is around 10pm tonight here.
  4. For the 50 students who have arrived for instruction.
  5. For the LEECHES to go away.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.