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Tentative Transport and a Celebration

Good Morning FBC family,

Our men have finished their teaching, have celebrated (and danced?) with the Nepali people, and have sent word at home of an important prayer need. 

Let's begin with that:

You need to pray we can get out of here, we just found out [from the helicopter co.] that we may not get out of here tomorrow, have the church pray tomorrow, trouble with fuel and helicopters.

As evening in Nepal turns to night and we begin our Sunday news includes:

[The helicopter co.] called us back, there is a chance two copters will come get us around ten in the morning [around 11 pm our time], if not, possibly one copter in the afternoon. If two coptors, we will be able to take our gear, if one, we will have to leave behind everything except what we can wear out....It is possible the coptors get canceled. It is very touch and go. Pray that we get two coptors. 

What a blessing to have a church family who is up to this task. I was deeply touched last night during the prayer meeting when someone prayed something like, "Lord, even if there had been persecution [of our team] You would still have been soverign over that." So true.

Our mighty God is sovereign over the Nepali fuel shortage and over leeches in tents. He's sovereign over our Sunday plans and over our weekday worries. As we pray, let us rest in His sovereignty and not in human fear. The same God who saved the 82 year old man is the same God who called our team to the exact place they find themselves and the same God who directs our prayers on their behalf.

After all of the teaching was finished yesterday our team joined the Nepali people for a celebration:

They had a big dance and had us dance with them, and when we would dance they just screamed and hollared. They are just a joyous people. It was something....They loved Jeremiah.

Then they had us leave the tent. Put chairs up front, called each of us by name to walk in the tent, and they clapped, had us sit down, the women placed on our head the hats, and then the prayer scarves around our necks, and prayed for us. Told us they would never forget us.

The pastors just kept coming up tonight asking us questions about the Bible and life.

Thank you for sharing your leaders, FBC, and for sending them to answer questions from the other side of the world about the Creator thereof!