Sunday Worship, November 27, 2022 (Today's recommended book links included as well as a recording of the new Advent song)


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Students Taught, Children Loved, Work Continues

This morning, our time, and this evening (their time) our team finished teaching through 1 Peter and then celebrated the completion of their task with their students.







The number of younger students was encouraging to our guys this trip. Above, a young student, his wife, and an....older guy.

Below is a picture of Darrin and one of the gentlemen he looks so forward to visiting with every time he has the opportunity. Darrin affectionately calls him (the man in red)  "Mr. Miyagi."


This is the bus which was hired to bring the traveling students to the village and then to return them closer to their homes...


After wrapping up the teaching with the adults and bidding them farwell, the team focused once more on the children. This trip marks the first time any type of children's ministry has been done in this remote region.




Eric and Luke with the children


This looks like it could be a game of Duck Duck Goose? With a very large goose?

Please notice in the background the flat black/silver bags. Those are the team's shower bags laying on the ground, attempting to soak up sun and hopefully warm the water. 

After their time with the children, the temperature dropped significantly as evening approached. Just how much did temps drop?

To tell you how cold it is, Luke has on a down jacket, lining over it, tobaggon, hood over it, and gloves. [Our host] said, "Luke, I'm cold just looking at you."


Luke had removed one layer by the time this picture was taken.

The team was hosted at the local pastor's home for dinner which was prepared in this kitchen...


and Eric got to watch television with the children.


After dinner, they spent time warming up around the fire then headed to tents and sleeping bags and sleep. Tomorrow they spend the day packing up camp and the next day they return to the capital city, Kathmandu. 

Please pray...

  • that the students would remain full of hope as they return to their homes
  • that the students' work in their home villages would bear much fruit 
  • for unity in the village churches
  • for efficient taking down of camp
  • rest before their long travels home

Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth or the world, from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

~Psalm 90:2