Equipping Hour - 9 am    Worship - 10 am 

1470 National Rd. Wheeling, WV 26003



Trek to the campsite


Early this morning (last night, Wheeling time), our team departed from Kathmandu, and started their journey to the village.  The ride was rough, but they were able to see many towns and villages as they wound up and down the mountains. 




Our team's 6 hour long van ride was cut a bit short, as the roads were impassable, so they had to hike the last 3/4 of a mile on foot with all of their gear. 



The roads appear to be nothing more than rocks!  Gretchen says that the weather is much hotter than expected, and camp is "primitive."  On the plus side, the cold showers will be refreshing in the heat! :) 


Our team seems to be settled into camp, and have recently returned from dinner in the village.  As of yet, there are no leeches (praise God!), but some big spiders who are "harmless, but ugly."  They have adjusted their teaching schedule, and will begin tomorrow.  Darrin will be teaching tomorrow on forgiveness, among other things. 


Please pray for:

-services tomorrow morning, and teaching tomorrow afternoon

-a good night of rest in the camp

-easy adjustment to the camp and living conditions for the next few days

-the Nepali leaders and families who will be attending the teaching sessions

-the translators

-families of our team at home, particularly for the children

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!  Psalm 96:3