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June 2022 Ladies' Brunch

Photos and links from the June 2022 Ladies' Brunch...

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Highlights and Resources from the January 2022 Women's Brunch

Highlights and resources from the January 2022 Women's Brunch...

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Wednesday Worship to prepare us for Sunday Praise!

Child with blurberries

Wednesday Worship heading toward Sunday Praise...

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Wednesday Kids' Worship

Wednesday Kids Blocks.001

Wednesday Worship for KIDS and their families! This week we are focusing on Psalm 23....

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Worship Words for Wednesday! Hi Kids! Let's Go!


Wednesday worship resources for families...

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Wednesday Worship for Kids! {5/13/20}

Wednesday Kidsblank  Blocks.001

Wednesday Worship for kids! 5/13/20...

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Wednesday Worship for Important Kids (and their keepers)!

Wednesday Night Worship Slide.001

It's Wednesday again and we are ready with some fun resources for worship....

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Wednesdays are for KIDS!

Resources for kids and their families for 4/29/20...

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Wednesday Worship for Kids {and their families}!

Wednesday Night Worship Slide.001

Here we are on another Wednesday kids! Let's review what we've learned and add a new Catechism Q and A!...

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Wednesday Night Worship for Kids {and their parents!}

Wednesday Night Worship Slide.001

It's Wednesday again and here are your tools for family worship!...

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Happy Wednesday FBC Kids!!

Child with blurberries

Worship resources for our FBC kids for April 1, 2020...

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Hey Kids! It's Wednesday!!


Wednesday Night Worship for Kids!...

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Homeward Bound


After two weeks away, the FBC Jumla Team returns home to the US. While we await word of their arrival in Chicago, here are a few more pictures and comments from the team about their time on mission....

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Farewell to Jumla


On their last day in Jumla, our team visits what is hoped to be the site of the future children's home....

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A View from a Land Far Away


We have word from our 2018 Nepal Team from Jumla. They share news of a small plane, a long walk, and a beautiful but rugged landscape....

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On the Care and Feeding of Others


Half of the Nepal Mission Team is home to the Ohio Valley and half of the team is still very much on the ground serving in Nepal. While we await word from Jumla and outlying regions, the Children's Team shares more of their experiences with the children of Pokhara....

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Those Who Serve in Hard Places...


Nepal 2018 Pastor's Training Team shares with us their experience among the pastors of Nepal....

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And We Have Become the Same Family


The 2018 Nepal Team shares a story from the childrens' wing of the team.....

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A New Journey Begins


Our 2018 Nepal team is on the ground and ready to get down to business......

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Block Party Accomplished!


FBC students and their leaders bring the party and the name of the Gospel and of One Church Cincinnati into the city......

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Cincinnati Day #2, All Ages & Stages...


Our students-on-mission report from the field about their experiences yesterday and ask for specific prayer as they begin their important day today....

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Teens on Mission in Cincinnati

As our students begin their work in Cincinnati, Ohio assisting a new church plant we are all reminded that missions happen in our homes, in our towns, in our states, in our nation, and in our world, but first must begin in our hearts....

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Nepal October 2017 - Feature - Let's Talk Shop


On their last day in Nepal, our mission team visited a clothing factory with a noble mission of it's own....

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Nepal - October 2017 Update #6


The FBC Nepali Mission Team is finishing its last day in Nepal. They've gotten to see many things today, some heartbreaking and some praiseworthy. ...

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Nepal - October 2017 Update #5


The Nepal Mission team does some sightseeing in the capital city of Kathmandu...

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Nepal - October 2017 Update #4


After a fruitful time with their students in the morning, our team packed up and is now headed back to Kathmandu for another part of their mission......

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Nepal October 2017 - Update #3


A day of teaching and telling, of listening and learning for our Nepal team as they finish day 2 in the field....

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Nepal - October 2017 Update #2


Our 2017 Nepal Mission Team is on site, set up, and rolling with the work at hand...

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Nepal - October 2017 Update #1

An update on the first day of our team's trip to Nepal....

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Our Work is Still Ahead of Us

The Nepal Mission Team is landing in New York this morning. However, we need to keep looking to Nepal with prayer....

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The Journey Home Begins!

The Nepal team is about to begin their trip home. Here is an important list for our prayers as they head our way....

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From the Mountains to the Metropolis

Our team is back in Kathmandu, reunited with clean clothes and warm-ish showers. ...

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Packing Up, Flying Out

The Nepal Team breaks camp and prepares to return to Kathmandu......

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Students Taught, Children Loved, Work Continues

As our team wraps up the teaching portion of their work in the village, they took advantage of an extra opportunity to spend time with the children. ...

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Steady On

Our men have finished day two of teaching and encouraging and they've a prayer request or two for us....

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Getting Down To Business

After lots of travel and a cold night, our team gets down to the business of their mission......

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According to Plan…Mostly!

Our Nepal team has arrived in the village, safe and sound....

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Safe and Sound and On the Ground…For Now!

The FBC Mission Team has reached their initial destination in Nepal....

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