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And We Have Become the Same Family


Rick shares a story with us from their first day at the "tuition center". He says...

The members of our team who are working with the children in the slums of Pokhara are working in the tuition center. The neighborhood children arrive at the center at 6am to work on homework and eat breakfast.


Then they leave to go back home at 8am for chores. Then they go to school from 9am to 4pm and return to the tuition center until 6pm to have a snack and to do homework and return home for more chores. On a normal day 50 to 60 children are present.


The tuition center is operated by an NGO (Non Government Organization) by the name of Joint Effort for Poor Children (JEPC) which is affiliated with the local church. 


This neighborhood is very poor but clean. The people are very friendly and will greet you with "Namaste" (Hindu greeting) or "Jaimasee" (Christian greeting).


The man who is in charge of the center is Tej who is a member of the local church. After the morning session, if a child is absent, he goes to the child's home to check and if the child has had nothing to eat, he returns to the center to prepare and deliver breakfast to the child. He told me that many of the children have nothing to eat and he spends most of his morning checking on them.


[There were beads everywhere!!]

His love for these children and the Lord is clear. And in this country where it is illegal to proclaim the gospel and to convert a person from Hinduism to Christianity, what he said to our group as we were gathered in the church with the local pastor and their families concerning his mission and the mission of the tuition center is this: "That everyone of these children come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He is where they will find life and happiness."


Then he looked at us and said, "We all have the same God and we have become the same family."


As well as spending time helping the children with their homework, our team lead VBS, and made quick work with some very pink paint.




In addition to school lessons and Bible lessons....a few other lessons were taught...



Please do not miss the little girl's face. 

"...for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these..."

As they begin a new day of ministry our team asks for prayer for:

  • Good, restorative sleep. More than a few are struggling to rest well.
  • For Tej as he continues his work among the children of Pokhara.
  • That the pastors would leave training encouraged and strengthened and be able to understand and process all of the theological information
  • That the children would know and understand and believe the gospel and would see God's light and love through our team.
  • That our team would encourage the pastor working with the children.
  • For the translators, endurance and clarity.
  • That God would be glorified through the work being done this week.
  • That the Church in Nepal would grow.