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Teens on Mission in Cincinnati

The FBC Students left Saturday morning for Cincinnati, Ohio to partner with World Changers and One Church Cincinnati. One Church Cincinnati is a church plant that is seeking to shed light on the Gospel in downtown Cincinnati, and this week, our students are there to help. 

On Sunday ...

Today we went to a church whose pastor retired a month ago and the church planting pastor we are working with was the guest preacher. ....Andrea jumped in to play the piano with them this morning. Then we went downtown in the city with Pastor Jason and his family. We rode the public transport train all through the city and even got to try some nitro cold brew COFFEE. It was delicious. 




We got to see the opera house ...


And walk through an indoor/outdoor farmers market type setup.


It was so fun! Now we are headed back to the church for the rest of the evening.


Yesterday [Monday] began the work...

Today we went to a rougher neighborhood outside of downtown Cincinatti and passed out flyers for a block party we are having on Wednesday. We also pulled weeds and the guys power washed for an apartment building near those  neighborhoods where the church plant meets sometimes. Some of us [girls and our leader] got to meet and talk to a 91 year old lady in the neighborhood who was telling us that she attended a Catholic church. Every time we tried to gear the conversation towards the gospel and how our good works don't take us to heaven, she tried to change the subject, but [our leader] used her wit and when we were praying with her at the end, she slipped the gospel into her prayer. She is so nifty! Now we are headed back to the church where we are staying for the evening.


While our students are away, they need our prayers. They are up close and personal with a dying world and will surely be met with challenges and new circumstances, blessings and praises, love and hate. Please pray for them as a group and for their leaders as they shepherd the kids.


Please don't let anyone look down on our students because they are young. Instead, LORD, please let our kids, who are your workmanship, set an example for everyone they encounter, believers and nonbelievers alike, as they talk and laugh and share, as they walk and run and interact, as they relate to others and themselves and one another, and as they love and pray and worship. Please keep them pure, in heart, mind, and motive. Use them mightily and let us be partners with them as you do.   AMEN