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Nepal - October 2017 Update #4


Day three in the village found our team worshipping with their students. Following a very vibrant worship, was the question and answer time which lasted a few hours...



 "[We] had a great final session with the [students] this morning. We did question and answer for a couple of hours, and then prayed over them before they left."

IMG_2330 (1)

The picture above is from the evening before when the students gathered with our team and shared their stories of how they had come to faith in Christ and about their lives and churches.

"When they told us their stories last night they just kept thanking us over and over for coming. [Saying] that if it wasn't for us coming they would have no training."

This year, for the first time, the students were given books from which the teaching came in their own language. They were thrilled to be able to follow along with the teaching.

"They soaked it up. When I got up to go to the bathroom at 11:30 last night, they were all still up reading their books and studying."

The books were:

"Exactly like the ones we used to prepare our lessons [before we left for Nepal] down to the page number. We could tell them what page we were teaching from and they could look it up. They asked [the trip leader] for extra days of teaching next time. They asked us if we would be back to teach them again."


The team is thankful for all of the time and sharing of stories of the students. They will be telling us about these dear men when they share with us on Sunday, October 22 during the 9:00am Sunday School hour. You really don't want to miss it.

After the time with their students came to an end, our team packed up in the heat which they are calling "jungle-like" at this point! They made a few trips from the compound to the vehicle that would transport them during the seven hour trip to Kathmandu on this road...


 On their last trip to the van, they met these "fellows"! Thankfully, this discovery was made on the last moment in the village instead of the first.




Pictures of the village as the team was leaving...


The caption that came with this cute little boy's picture was: "Jessie's new friend." 

"She taught him this little scream sound with his hands and that's all he did all morning." 

In related news, the team has decided to place Jessie beside any and all crying babies on the planes on the trip back home!

The following are pictures of the village surrounding the church compound ...


This is a close up picture of the church kitchen from yesterday's post. This is the oven which we couldn't see in the former picture.


Homes located in the village...


At the time of this posting, our team is nearing the end of their trip back to Kathmandu. They've arrived in the outskirts of the city and the roads are "parking lots" because of all of the traffic congestion. The population of the Kathmandu area is 5 million people. They are about 5 miles from their destination and their host estimates that it will take them one hour! The sun is setting and our folks are eager for showers and beds.


During their tomorrow (our late evening tonight) the team will do some sight seeing including the Hindu temple. On Friday, before they leave Nepal, they will visit the slums of Kathmandu and take part in the AWANA program which takes place every Friday there. 

The team asks that we pray for :

  • Good rest, especially for the translators.
  • The pastors and their churches.
  • The pastors as they work on their homework.
  • That the visit to the temple would help remind them (and us) why the work we are all doing here is so important. 
  • Protection for the team.

Thank you, FBC family, for your faithfulness to this endeavor.