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Nepal - October 2017 Update #2


When we awoke this morning in the Ohio Valley, our Nepal team was just finishing their first day of work in the field. They arrived in the villiage "yesterday" and found it very different from villages they've visited in the past. With an increased presence of believers, and more advanced facilities, our "seasoned" Nepal travelers note a very different feel to the atmosphere from earlier trips. Later this week we will share more information about the village and it's interesting history on the blog. Here's a preview picture: 


Living conditions are also different this trip. There are no tents set up on open mountain spaces; there are mosquito nets inside a large building. Because of the lower elevation both mosquitos and heat are challenges to be met in this village. The heat today was nearly 100 degrees. 





This is the outside of the building where our team is lodged.

Teaching is taking place in the upper part of the red building and the students who have traveled from all around the mountains of Nepal are housed in the lower level of the building.


If you look closely, you can see Darrin in the picture and another (unidentified) team member.

There are 20 students who are in attendance this year. Many are familiar faces to Darrin and Rick and our team is looking forward to spending as much time with the pastors as possible.



Today's teaching included: the responsibility to study, obey, and teach the Word; the power and purpose of the Word; and the systematic study of the Word.


Patty and Jessie are hosting the village children in VBS and were nearly 30 in force on day one.



The gorgeous mountains are not as easily visible from the lower elevations, but if you cast your glance to the upper left of this picture, you will see that their view is none-too-shabby!


 And, just for fun, I'm sure we'll all be relieved to know that the children of Nepal, just like our American children, have fidgit spinners too! 

IMG_2298 copy

Please keep our team and all of those with whom they are involved in your prayers, particularly for: 

  • Tomorrow's teaching
  • Strength for the translator (I think there is only one for both the adult teaching and the VBS, he served for 8 hours on the first day!)
  • For VBS! and the children.
  • That no one would get sick especially considering the high temperatures.
  • That the students would absorb all that they need to continue to do their work mightily with endurance in their home villages.