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The Men We Need


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The Land of Many Tomorrows

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 Pastor Michael Martin from our sister church FBC Wellsburg is today's blogger. Below he shares his perspective about Nepal....


It’s the “land of many tomorrows.”

That’s what the sign says. Rusty and glistening in the morning sun, it announces “we can always get to it tomorrow.”

This is Nepal. A poor country connected by dirt roads. A land where dogs roam the streets. A nation of people who worship their gods and have their religions. Nepal is a society of people who have no hope and are without God in this world.


But, Nepal has the seed of the gospel. Planted deep within hearts of some is a faith in Christ. And the news gets better: God has raised up a crop of pastors from among the redeemed. He’s given them a love for people and a thirst for sound, biblical doctrine.

And this is where we become part of God’s story. Pastor Darrin, Matt, and I receive the privilege of teaching them sound, biblical doctrine. It is a tremendous gift. It’s in that class of things we do and never tire.It’s a Spirit-wrought joy that makes long plane rides, new time zones, and strange foods delectable.


Moreover, the work of training other pastors extends to all of you. Every person that prays, gives, and encourages plays a God-given role in His narrative. The reality is that we are part of something much, much bigger than ourselves. Hope is coming to Nepal; God is present in Nepal.


By His doing, 11 pastors have received training in sound, biblical doctrine. That means that 11 churches will be fed the glorious words of God. Today is a new day for the church in Nepal.


God’s words are going forth from God’s pastors. People will receive it and people will grow. The sun will continue to rise. Nepal is indeed “the land of many tomorrows.” ~Pastor Michael

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As this blog entry posts, our teams are sightseeing in Kathmandu and will be separating afterwards as one group will travel home and the other will travel to Jumla, location of the children's home.

Please be in prayer for safe travels, good rest, and good health for our missionaries. Ask God to show them His comfort in a special way as they go about His world.

[Some of the pictures in today's post are from past trips. There are more stories to be told and pictures to display. Come back and see!]