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Lasting Impressions and Turning Toward Home

Good Morning Church Family,

After our team finished their helicopter ride (still...yay!) to Kathmandu yesterday morning (their time) they spent some time cleaning up in the hotel and getting some food in the city. They were able to eat in an Israeli restaurant for lunch. And dinner was...

It was the best meal I have had since I left Wheeling. Very nice restaurant across the street from the hotel. Good conversation too.

I had pizza and Diet Coke. Best Diet Coke ever!:)

And the showers were...

Tonight's shower will not be cold, but it will not be warm.

Now on to much more important things. The team slept in a hotel down the street from a night club, the noise of which kept some of them awake for most of the night. They weren't on the mountain top anymore!

The next morning (last night our time) they ate breakfast and saw...

Heartbreaking day, visited largest, holiest Hindu temple in the world, saw the ritual of the burning of [dead] bodies...then went to the slums.

Of the Hindu temple...

Pure darkness.

And evil.

Almost sickening.

I took some pictures, don't ever want to forget the hopelessness.

Then they visited the slums in Kathmandu which is where the missionaries run a bible program for children. It is also where they found their daughters. Their daughters are 14 and 15 years old and they ate dinner with the team last night. 

When they arrived in the slums...

We went to the home of the mother of the girls [who] the missionaries adopted, you wouldn't believe it. I use the term home loosely. she served us cold Mountain Dew and treated us like we were royalty and she had nothing...the kids comb through the trash dump by the river. The Hindu priest keeps the people in fear to give him what little they have. To see the difference the missionaries have made in the lives of the children [who live] there is incredible.

When [the missionaries] first got there, the kids showed no affection. Two years later the kids run up to them and hug them, smile at them, they have brought the joy of Christ to a very dark, hopeless place...they do Awana every Friday in the slums, last week there had 60 kids.

There is a Christian church in the middle of the slums. That's where they do Awana. I think both [missionary] couples participate and they have some other help.

Imagine! An Awana program in the slums halfway around the world which is about the same size as ours at FBC! This, dear family, is yet another reason for praise and haven't we have many in the last 10 days? 

Here at home, I'm thankful for all of the prayer support our guys have received. I asked how ther other guys are doing...

They are doing good. We all are. I think the weariness has hit each of us a little differently. Everyone is pleasant and doing well.

Today's prayer needs are, as you would expect about safe and smooth travels home. The biggest challenge on the trip home is that they make their connecting flight in Qatar...

We have short time to make connecting flight in Qatar, and will have to do throught two levels of security, theirs and US [security] since the flight is going to America.

Here's the focus for today...

  1. Safe and peaceful travel.
  2. Short time to get through customes.
  3. To make the flight from Qatar to Philadelphia.
  4. Sweet rest and fellowship over the next 24 hours of travel.

Their travel schedule today/tomorrow looks like this (if all goes as planned):

  • Flight from Kathmandu to Qatar at 9pm "team time"  --- 10:15am our time.

              Flight is 5.5 hours long. Lands in Qatar at midnight "team time" --- 1 pm our time.

  • Flight from Qatar to Philadelphia at 1am "team time"--- 2:30 pm ---our time.

              Flight is 14 hours long. Lands in Philadelphia 7:30 am "team time" AND our time!!

  • Flight from Philidelphia to Pittsburgh at 10 am. Lands 11:30am. 


I told Darrin how so many of you have been following them via this update and additional sources  and how much support you've given our families...

Wow. That is amazing. I'm telling you I could tell people were praying. Even in the midst of difficulties we have all been so peaceful. It has been amazing.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to HIM be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Eph 3:20-21