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On Family, Food, and an Unfortunate Chicken

This morning as we prepare for our Fridays, our Nepal team is wrapping up their Friday's teaching on the family and the Word. News from the field:

Just finished the session on husbands. Over an hour long. Then when finished, lots of questions. Went well.

Today was amazing. We started at 8:45am and taught with breaks, and lunch til almost 5:00pm. They couldn't get enough. Asked amazing questions....At the end, many of them wanted us to [speak] with them one by one.

[They laughed] several times through the messages on husbands and children and parents. You could really sense God's presence today.

 It has been enlightening to hear about our team's daily life in camp. They are sleeping in tents at the base (foothills?) of a large mountain. The weather at night is cold, dress-in-layers-before-going-to-bed cold. The weather during the day is much warmer. 

To drink there is lots of Nepali tea. Amanda Cummins tells me that the tea is sweet and cozy and has cardamom in it. They boil the water so it is scalding, so drinking it anywhere and everywhere is ok. 

The milk that they had in their tea early in their week was from a water buffalo. Imagine ordering that at one of our coffee shops here! "I'll have a large sweet and spicy boiling hot tea please with four shots of water buffalo milk in it please." It turns out that the water buffalo milk was a gift from the local folks in the village.

Food for the local pastors and any adventurous FBC team members has included goat and...

[We] saw them prepping the chicken for dinner, cut off heads and cooked them over open fire with mouths open. We have pictures.

They serve rice with everything, mix it with chicken and spices and sauce, etc. Saw the man cut the chicken's head off. It was like watching a golfer hit the ball off the tee. 

Honestly? Those are pictures I'm not sure I want to see ;-) 

Today's prayer needs include:

  1. Refreshing sleep.
  2. Safety.
  3. That our team would bless the [body] and its helpers.
  4. For the gathering on Saturday morning (Friday night our time) where prospective students will be in attendance. That prospective students would receive the Message.
  5. That the students will leave encouraged and recharged as they return to their homes. For the students' safety and protection as they return to their endeavors.

FBC family~ As we lean toward our weekend, let's continue with our work here and not get weary as we perform OUR jobs because we too are active participants on this Nepal team! We cherish your prayers and are eager to charge ahead together in prayer here for the vital work to happen there! 

Text received from Darrin this morning (our time):

Everyone is doing well. I'm telling you it is the prayers. You can just feel them. I'm way out of comfort zone, but making it. Luke is in his element. Rick and Jeremiah are good....