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The Men We Need


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To Save the Whole World


“[M]y eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles...”  Lk. 2:30-31


Simeon was an old man who loved God and firmly believed His word.  Every day he came to the temple to worship.  But he was also on the lookout.  God had given Simeon an amazing promise:  He would see the coming savior with his own eyes.  What a privilege!  To see the one chosen by God to save mankind!


Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple, fulfilling the Old Testament requirement to dedicate every newborn boy to God.  Immediately, Simeon recognized who Jesus was and hurried over.


Imagine their shock and bewilderment as this old man came rushing over, grabbed Jesus, and began pronouncing a blessing.  But their shock turned to wonder as they listened intently to the old man’s words.


In this divine encounter, God revealed that His plan of salvation reached out to “all peoples.”  Jesus did not come only to save the Jews.  He would be a “light” to unbelievers everywhere—revealing Himself to them, declaring His love, and making it possible for them to experience God’s saving grace.


With eyes of faith, Simeon saw everything that Jesus would accomplish through His life, ministry, and sacrificial death on the cross.  I pray that you, too, would see Jesus through eyes of faith, and that you would receive His salvation for yourself!