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A bit of a different teaching style...

Our team has had a very blessed Sunday! They are doing well, and have finished their teachings for today. Gretchen tells me that they were surprised at how many ladies came for their ladies conference, and that it seemed to go well. She and Darlene were both able to teach, and the ladies met with them afterward for prayer. While teaching, all of the following invol...

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Mountaintop experiences!

Our team has just finished their first day of teaching, and what a day it has been! They are encouraged and very positive. They began their day with a hike down the mountain from their campsite to hold services, and followed with teaching by the men of the team. During services, the men sit on one side, and the women on the other. As you can see from the photos, attendan...

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Trek to the campsite

Early this morning (last night, Wheeling time), our team departed from Kathmandu, and started their journey to the village. The ride was rough, but they were able to see many towns and villages as they wound up and down the mountains. Our team's 6 hour long van ride was cut a bit short, as the roads were impassable, so they had to hike the last 3/4 of a mile on fo...

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Encouraging news!

Our team has made it to Kathmandu, Nepal! They left Qatar early this morning (last night, Wheeling time). Gretchen reports that they were feeling wonderfully refreshed after sleeping, showering, coffee, and some "really good muffins!" Praise God for their safe arrival and answered prayers. When they arrived, they had all ten bags of gear and gifts (another answered pr...

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Adventures for weary travelers

Our team has had quite the day/night since I last updated! Last night around midnight (our time), they should have been finishing their 13 hour flight by landing in Doha, Qatar to catch their final flight into Nepal. However, after two failed attempts to land in a lightening storm, they were rerouted to an airport in Bahrain (an island in the Persian Gulf). After landing,...

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And, they're off!

Our team departed from Wheeling in the early morning hours today. Their first flight from Pittsburgh was short and uneventful (always a good thing in the air!). The next leg of their journey is the lengthy one--scheduled for over 13 hours in the air! Please keep our team and their flight crew in prayer throughout your day today. They are scheduled to leave a little after...

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They're almost ready to go...

As our Nepal team is making last minute preparations for their trip across the world, let's begin to cover them in prayer. Please pray for: -peace and clarity for our team members -a restful day before a very long few days of travel -strength as they leave their homes in the VERY early morning hours tomorrow -the families (especially children) who are staying behind...

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Nepal Team Video

Watch a video highlighting our team's recent trip to South Asia. ...

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Home, Happy, & Hearts Full

A quick update and a few more prayer needs as our team transitions to their everyday worlds....

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On Home Soil

They are almost home......

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